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Today’s Quote


There will be day’s when you feel like giving up

There will be day’s when you feel like your not good enough

The truth is you are

Don’t let how you feel

Control your life


The truth is your extraordinary

The world may try to beat you up

So you must be strong

You must see what other’s don’t



Take the first steps


God knows your not perfect

Just try

It’s worth it


You are enough

You are valuable

it’s time you start acting like it


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Today’s Quote

you can

Believe in yourself always even when those around you may doubt. It doesn’t matter if 5 million people are acting,singing or dancing why? because you still have a chance. It doesn’t matter if it takes you longer to accomplish your dreams. why? because you still accomplish them,don’t feel like someone is better than you why? because there’s only one you so be your own competition. What God has ordained for your life nobody can take it away. Don’t walk around feeling insecure be sure of yourself.  Even if you fail, it doesn’t mean your a failure you just need to try again.

Have ever doubted yourself? if so, Why? Do you believe you can do anything?

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Phases Of Life


Words of encouragement:-)

On our journey of life, there will be many phases that we will go through. Sometimes we may not have a explanation for every event that occurs. As we go through heartbreak and disappointments the heart will feel heavy at times. However, despite those feelings we have to tell ourselves giving up isn’t an option . We have to be strong,fight against everything that interfere’s with our well being. It’s easy when everything in our life is good, until problems arise. Then, everything seems to fall apart and life doesn’t feel or look the same. :-/ Then thoughts like i’m alone and why me enters into the mind. But we have to know that God is still there even in our most darkest times. If your going through something right now just know that ” in the midst of your pain you will gain” 

I’m praying that this year will bring healing, wealth , dreams coming true, understanding and more.

May God bless you and protect you always 🙂

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2020 Challenge

Looking Good

Are you ready for your life to be transformed? If you said yes, then I need you to start as of now preparing. You say Eri what are you talking about lol Thanks for asking. You see every year everyone always say I’m going to set a new year’s resolution. Sometimes that doesn’t go according to plan because many people stray away. Not this year because this year isn’t the year to say I will and don’t. This year can’t be the same from the previous year or years. Do you agree? This isn’t just go with the flow kind of year at all therefore, somethings have to change.

So here is the challenge, for 21 day’s you have to be consistent with something. It could be reading a book every day or 10 pages every morning. It could be for 21 days you won’t procrastinate or you will manage your time. Only you know what you will work on, i’m excited I hope you are my friend.

O yeah make sure you mark your progress and comment below How will you complete the challenge successfully? Alright we got this challenge starts Monday

Comment below  Looking good or not so good if you didn’t do well

let me know how your doing 🙂  21 day’s you can do it?

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Be Happy


Today is a great day

Smile today


Be thankful

Let nothing interfere with your happiness

Smile because it feels better

Smile because you woke up this morning

Smile because your blessed no need to stress

This is a reminder just in case you forgot 🙂

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