The tricks of going back

Has you hot

so many flashbacks


Here it comes


It’s done

Forget that

Face the fact

If I would have

If only I did this


The truth is

You didn’t

Focus on

What you can do

To prevent if

The cycle

That’s broken

Make a shift

If you do what’s right

Everything will be alright

Don’t dwell on if

The past is gone

The future

It’s up to you

What will you do ?

Don’t use if as an excuse

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The structure of principles that are displayed throughout the coarse of life. Creates reactions for the environment that gravitate to energy . That attaches itself for a lifetime boundaries that are set establishing a foundation . Leaving attractions that would make everything fall apart . Breaking down simple rules for longevity protecting the mind protecting the heart. In such a profound way avoiding causes and effects to battle. Strictly a solid direction that no one can separate you from . Coming to the understanding by seeing the full view of yourself to catch pieces for repair. Living life where you put God first everything else comes second. When this happens a total shift in the approach will be different . It saves you from heartache and pain putting more trust into people  . Or putting others ahead of God worshiping the idea or feeling that’s simply not even there. It’s easy to be cased into blindness protecting what you won’t to see. The truth is that’s a danger to your life. We all need to be shown what’s right through the eyes  of God.  I’m going to give four tips to help you live a more simple way of life.


  1. Hurt- Look at the things in your life that hurts you
  2. Causes- Have a clear understanding of what you did to allow yourself to be broken. For your mind to get cloudy looking at the reasons that lead to the pain.
  3. Methods – You have to come up with ways to cope with the healing process . Through building yourself up and think how you can make better choices .
  4. Lessons of peace- Learning what makes you happy how far your willing to go. Recognizing you can’t compromise your peace of mind for any relationship with anyone . The word No it’s part of your peace of mind so you can live happy. It’s not selfish those that care about you will not invade. They will only make things pleasant for you. Learn from the process to become a better person KEEP IT SIMPLE!! 🙂


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Did You Know?

Suze Orman– is an American author, financial advisor  ,motivational speaker and television host. Suze has overcome many obstacles from grade school into college . Her life story is truly remarkable I recommend everyone to ready her story. She has several books many on finances that gives great insight on strategies to increase financial growth. I will have to read some of her books myself just great information.