The Will To Overcome


Majority of people spend most of their life procrastinating. In fact many individuals procrastinate because of anxiety,stress.disorganization,distractions and laziness. As a result the habits and emotion delays progress. Therefore it’s important to break this cycle by
1. Setting goals to improve
2. Acknowledge the habit
3. Find strategies to help the problem
Another reason why people procrastinate is having the mindset that time waits. In reality time is passing right before their eyes, at this point time management becomes essential daily. The life that you envision shall come to pass when a plan of action has been enforced. Sometimes in order to push pass the barriers, of facing fear means taking a risk regardless of how we feel. To overcome it takes
2.Have a desire to change
3. Don’t look back
5. Be strong and fight to the next level
6. Understand it’s hard but achievable
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Today’s Quote


Sometimes we rush through parts of life that are most important. Never allowing ourselves to feel the impact of the transition. From each stage in our lives there is a process and through this it prepares us for what’s next. Some people take advantage of this time to reevaluate the pandemonium in their life. Others procrastinate and let time pass them by, because of certain habits and emotions. Therefore it  keeps them from the next level in life. In order to move into the next dimension it takes

  1. Dedication
  2. prayer
  3. Don’t look back
  4. understand it’s hard but achievable

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Living With Abundance

FotoJet cup

Do you desire to live abundantly? what areas of life are you seeking for more? Many chase after Money, power and titles captivated by the status. As a result people will idolize material things. Then gravitate to pleasing parts of life that will only fade away. However there’s only one way to truly live abundantly, through a spiritual connection with God. The more that we seek him we shall find more than we could ever imagine. Therefore we must pray for his guidance everyday, because he is the answer to all things. 🙂 God will supply ever need!

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Fall Has Arrived

fall collage

Fall has officially arrived,it’s so exciting to transition from a heat wave into cool weather. Then began to change from summer clothes into complete fall attire. By wearing  jackets, sweaters,scarfs and boots they are so warm and cozy.  In addition to having a nice hot bowl of soup full of flavor. Also How could I forget the pumpkin spice latte o it’s so delicious as well as pumpkin pie. Then walking outside looking at the beautiful colors on the leaves. The fall season brings so much joy and happiness especially when purchasing fall scented candles. This is why fall is my favorite season, what’s your favorite season? Comment below 🙂

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