Eri Talk

Welcome to Eri Talk , I created this blog with the intentions to give other people advice an encouraging words .To motivate them to keep going through the hard times we all face in life. Through my hardships in life and overcoming obstacles  i want to help someone else. In addition to my general thoughts about every day life this blog is design to allow people to feel free . To express there feelings also talk about different topics that anyone would like to share.   Join Eri Talk and be inspired!



One thought on “Eri Talk

  1. I would like to say you are definitely headed in the right direction! People do need to be encouraged and inspired on a daily life can present obstacles in many areas of your life, I do believe when you are connected to God and you stay connected he provides you with what ever it is you need to keep going and growing into the purpose of which you are called. Stay focused and your vision can become a reality!

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