Passion it’s an intense emotion a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. Is there anybody that feels this way?  You have a strong desire to be successful to fulfill your dream. There’s a big vision for your life that only you can see every things planned out . Often times you stare off into space visualizing how every thing is going to be . Then suddenly negative thoughts start to take over because you feel like this cant be me its something i cant achieve.  For anyone that’s feeling this way today THE PASSION HAS TO COME BACK!! Ask yourself why was the passion there in the first place?  I believe that passion comes from your heart a calling to do something a gift your given from God its only right to use it. I can relate to this because im a young girl with big dreams and most of all a big heart. I’ve spent alot of time figuring out my purpose in life and discovering my god given talents.  I feel strongly that my purpose is to help people I’ve realized one of the biggest way to help someone is to listen allow them to share whats on their mind . Having someone to just vent all your problems to means alot most of all hearing words of encouragement knowing that someone cares .  Its makes you feel so good to have at least one person that’s cheering you on they genuinely want to see you do great things . Another form of helping your ACTIONS always uplifting words helps to but support them if you know they have a passion for something help them . Often time i feel you cant tell everyone your dreams and goals because unfortunately its not many people in this world that want you to do well or they will say o you want ever be able to that really hurts . Ive learned when people say no you work even harder to reach your goals . Always remember follow your heart keep your passion and God will bless you to go far and beyond your expectations.

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