The world vs. Me: Poem

Living in a world were facing people’s point of view, influences you to conform to an opinion that’s not your own. Allowing your mind to have an ongoing conflicting battle with it’s self. But why are people so important?  why fear?

The thought of taking a chance to listen to what your heart say’s. Has it come to listening to voice’s that want’s you to change your freedom your happiness for them. You have no control over your life ,there’s no room to speak and let your voice be heard your weak.

The eyes are blind to see what the world has molded you to be . Ask yourself am i happy? the response should be no because you cant shine you don’t even have your own mind.

Nobody can see who you are take that mask off you’ve been hiding under the shadows for too long. Be yourself no one can do that but you hold your head up be confident .

Be blessed not stressed live your life you only have one –

Copyright ©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved.



8 thoughts on “The world vs. Me: Poem

  1. Great so how did you know you have found your passion and what are views on how to find our ‘passion’ in life and is that even possible to find or does it just come to us over time?


    • It started at a very young age I always found myself motivating people. I was always asked my opinion on different situations. Then that leaded to standing in front of large crowds expressing how i felt. Finding your passion comes from things you find interesting . I feel like this is the foundation to even have a passion. For some people it does take time,But when you find it you will know because you cant imagine doing anything else.

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