What I See

So you have a certain mindset an so do I, The way you live your life is totally different from mine .Taking this into consideration shouldn’t we be able to compromise , some how could you meet me half way . Why make everything revolved around you ? Did you forget i have feelings to?  I thought you was my friend wait that’s not a word anymore because they all just walk away .  This is What I See

I always find myself going the extra mile is it too much to ask to understand were im coming from. To sit down an see things through my eyes i did for you and just so you know that wasn’t easy to do. You say o im difficult sure ok say what you wont to, don’t blame me because your not together mentally.  This is What I See

What i see this is immaturity take responsibility you don’t have to change for nobody. But have the ability to see things from a different perspective.I  try so you can to i don’t have time to hear your excuse. Im willing to work with anyone that’s willing to work with me   This is What I See

Only if you could see my heart and understand my mind .You would see it’s genuine im good i was never against you . I was trying to help you this whole time but now that i see how everything has turned out to be . Farewell we just didn’t see things eye to eye you wasn’t willing to try so bye bye.

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2 thoughts on “What I See

  1. “Farewell we just didn’t see things eye to eye you wasn’t willing to try so bye bye.” Love that line. Sometimes we just have to say goodbye to the negative and indifferent. Great post!

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