Self -Esteem

The mirror is a reflection of me but i’m looking and i don’t see what everyone is telling me. My reflection reflects upon hurt i’m broken, filled with thought’s that should’ve left along time ago. But i hold on because this is who i am .

You see pretty i see ugly , you see i deserve the world

I see i deserve nothing , you say i can make it

I don’t see how

you say your awesome

I say that’s a lie

My self -esteem is so low i can’t even hold my head up anymore . Tell me what can I do i shouldn’t feel this way. The way i view myself has allowed me to be stuck iv’e given up.

I’m bigger

She’s slimmer

She has longer hair

Mine is shorter

Do you see how those clothes fit her

I’m no super model it’s not like i could be one anyway

Not with this face

When i have to face the world i try to hid .Because i feel so small everyone else stands tall. I’m frustrated these tears are rolling down my face. The amount of pain that i feel it’s too much to take. My self -esteem has hit rock bottom and so have i .I’m lost searching for a way out. As for now my reflection remains in the dark one day i will see their’s more to me.

Copyright ©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved.


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