Wasting Time

Looking back I think to myself where did the time go the years have really flew by. Everything that use to be it’s just not that way anymore there’s no time to waste. I can’t waste time thinking about who hurt me or what didn’t work out so caught up on what other people are doing. Constantly trying to figure them out i can’t waste time getting caught up in attitudes or just being rude because you have something going on with you.

Allowing myself to focus on what you wan’t me to do that’s something i’m not going to except. Life will pass you by open up and listen to what i’m telling you. I see the bigger picture i got to accomplish my dreams and goals i must reach i will make it . Everyday day that goes by it count’s there’s no time to waste .

God’s grace and mercy follows me everyday from the time i awake. I ask myself what shall i do to make this day great. I can’t waste time there’s no space i must stay level headed and focus . This world is corrupted with so many things i don’t want to be, i’m constantly watching my back because it’s always something waiting to pull you in.

People try to test you every time and your just minding your own business doing the right thing here comes drama and confusion pushing you over the edge that’s why i try to avoid it i don’t wont no part in it. I don’t have time to waste i refuse to miss out on my blessings entertaining foolish things .

Everyday we must ask for god’s protection, and most of all keep our heart and mind in the right place . Focus on you don’t stress all you can do is your best. Let god take care of the rest and remember time is going by.

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