Fear an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. At some point in life we all have felt this way . It’s one of the worst feelings you could ever have . So what makes it dangerous or cause pain ? The reaction is the blame , I fear in tears not knowing what the outcome will be . I fear the thought of taking a chance removing myself from a comfort zone but i ask myself why?

Because i know i have strong abilities it would be nice to expand move up in the world .It’s something that i can see my heart beats fast the mind is spinning around . I fear walking away I can’t allow myself to be treated this way. I need to stand up and face what’s been really bothering me .No matter what happens i must know God will open up a door i got to step out on faith but fear is getting in the way .

Fear your nothing but a set back i can’t allow you to do that .The relationship that i was trying to build is still because of you the emotion that i have prevents me from saying how i feel . Fear it’s danger hurts so i draw back i’m hesitant because i just might get hurt that’s usually what ends up happening .

Fear your something else i can’t keep allowing this i gotta break free Lord please help me! Its time to stop having fear and be brave it’s the only way.

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