True Love

True love does anyone know what this means? Well I’m going to tell you what it means to me . With true love there is a consistency it’s everlasting nobody can take it away. Love is strong and bold it won’t ever fail, iv’e heard people say i love partially or i show it in a different way. The concept of that doesn’t register with me how can you do that? If you love in your heart love all the way because with me i don’t want anyone half doing anything for me . Or you say i love you and it’s so fake but you feel like if you make me feel like you care you can have your way.

Don’t expect me to feel like your genuine,the love is real when i don’t even hear from you might say something every once in a while . What about me you say things when you feel like it no it doesn’t work that way.  That’s why i choose to ignore the people that are seeking out a plan with no good intentions towards me. They just wan’t to know something about me so they can gossip and say negative things to other people . GET OUT OF HERE! That’s not love you don’t have to tell people things that’s suppose to be between me you. Trust me if i wan’t people to know something about me i will definitely tell them.

True love is being faithful and loyal i feel like the word love is used to loosely .I have a good heart so i expect the same from other people my expectations are not too high that’s a lie . love is going through ups and downs but you never even think about walking away . We laugh and have fun create memories that will live on forever. If i have a problem your willing to listen to me not shut down how old are you ? three.

True love is all about being there for someone completely . I don’t have to wonder if you do because you show it through your actions and verbally . If that can’t happen then i guess your time is up leave .

True love is a good vibe great energy when you come around i’m so happy and excited your energy doesn’t drain me .

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