Let It Go

Are you getting rest ?  Or you cant because your stressed there’s so many thought’s that has you occupy it literally takes up your whole night. So now you have two situations one you just spent the whole night thinking about something you can’t even help. On top of that if it was something you could fix why didn’t you go ahead an address it . two you have to get up extremely early and now you can barely even keep your eyes open so your messed up mentally your mind clearly didn’t get to rest. So what did you get out of it ? was it worth it did you accomplish anything ? Let me answer it NO!  So many worries and problems will drive you insane you have officially made your self crazy congratulations. No this isn’t going to work be true to yourself and stop.

Then be true to yourself and God and simply let it go please for Christ sake LET IT GO!  ask your self who am i Gods child or i’m just a child that’s lost and need to be found ?  Well if your God’s child then you better cast your burdens and lay everything down RIGHT NOW!. Think back i mean way back when you prayed hard every single night with tears rolling down your face with a sincere heart pouring it out . Then sooner than you thought it was going to be, God bless you like never before you began to cry even more overwhelmed by so many blessings . You think  to yourself God seriously all this for me he’s like “yes yes see i told you i got your back i won’t ever leave.”

We must remember to be happy through the good and bad through the hard times it’s only temporary i don’t believe nothing can stay the same forever . But in your down time pick yourself up and pray like never before go ahead and rejoice speak life into the things you pray for and just waiting on the right time everything will turn out victorious. With your vision and having faith no matter what anybody say because you know what God can do and what he’s about to do in your life right now . So lift your hand and tell God thank you if you receive it then it’s all ready done Amen.

Don’t let the seasons of life bring you down because there’s light at the end of the tunnel everything takes time . So be true to yourself don’t even loose no sleep you don’t know when things will happen or how. But see that’s the problem right there don’t try to figure it out God’s working it out for you .

Why stress your way to bless the mind is a terrible thing to waste  on things that we shouldn’t even feed into at all. stressing strains your body, mind and soul allowing your health to decline .All because your  consumed with thoughts and worrying about things your unsure about . Its so many things to think about but let’s challenge our self to simply focus and think about what’s important in life i believe that everything will be just find talk to God and just let him lead you in right direction .

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