If you don’t like it o well

Disrespected that’s how you feel join the club me to

The nerve  of that person talking junk about me please you do the exact same thing

She said i said something i didn’t say stop it now you know all those words were all you

Don’t deny it,why you fighting it ?

O i can’t get no help around here ,do you help other people when they ask for it?

Fake is all around me i guess you talking about yourself

you say o i’m holy i’m whole i’m a sanctified christian

O please not the way you was just talking about me yes i heard every word that was said

I’m laughing busted you got caught

pretending it’s something your good at so it’s okay  for you to go around making people feel small and your tall

I will pray for you because somethings wrong your too far gone

Don’t expect to gain and receive when you do nothing

So you still feeling disrespected ask yourself why? maybe its because the thoughts you have

It’s not right most of all your spirit isn’t either when you move everybody suppose to move to

Reality check if you wanna be respected First look at yourself change the things that you need to work on . Second your approach towards people attitudes don’t work. You don’t have to be so hateful ,mean ,aggressive and intimidating to get people to respect you please. Third open up the mind to have the ability to see things from every angle don’t be so quick to get offended to allow yourself to be disrespected .LISTEN PLEASE LISTEN!

Before you start to say anything about anyone i don’t care who you are .Look at yourself first I’m sure you have a lot to work on think before you speak this is the key.

Copyright ©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved.


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