The Game

The game so you learned how to play I see. it’s all about reversing that’s the key. Just follow a simply rule and you will become an expert like me . Once I coach you on everything so you say ,the only thing you have to do is make people feel like there stupid. Like there wrong everything that comes out of their mouth twist the words around . You’re response should be to everything “what are you talking about?” or “No that’s what you said” etc. This will help make them think even more about something that’s right but will confuse them in the process. It allows the person to continue talking, you have really made them mad .So just keep saying ridiculous things anything to ignore what their saying. Because I’m not going to give them the satisfaction of being right and I’m not going to admit I’m wrong . Wait what this is insane at some point in life we have encounter someone with this mindset , I call this game  REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY.

Some how their mind retains what’s being said in a weird backwards way purposely . It’s a very interesting game that you have learn how to play. It’s simply being firm when dealing with a person like this don’t back down. Your right what you say makes sense so please don’t listen to what they say . Just tell them to own up to what they did because what you saying is the God honest truth .So come on pick up your face off the ground go sit down ashamed is how you should feel .Don’t play games with me i’m not crazy clearly that’s not the case . Everything will come to the surface so keep playing this game wait i’m sorry let me correct myself you just got played at your own game. Yes I see the look on your face, Be mindful  with the things you say and do because it will reverse and come back to land right on you .

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