Attention Wake up Call!

Looking around just watching observing standing right in the center of a disaster in result of devastation. It’s come to so much pain that the heart sinks it swims so deeply that it’s beaten. To the very core how much more can the heart endure there’s no pause in between to recovery . Just more and more cruelty that’s discovered empathy what is that? What in the world everything has turned ice cold nobody has a good soul . Nothing but straight evil, demonic, demonized and carnal minds waiting to attack the innocent ones that are trying to live their life’s . Attention Wake Up Call! God’s watching you can’t run and you can’t hid from him. Shot ,stabs ,attacks and grabbing so this is okay it’s insane why ? why? The thought process of these’s people how can u sleep ? How can you possible think even live and be such a danger to your self and the world . What happen ? I mean can you possibly be born crazy? Did something catastrophic  happen in your life? An now you don’t have the ability to think as a civilized human being should think. Attention Wake Up Call! God’s watching you better ask God to come into your life and make him your Lord and savior . When God punish you o somethings going to break loose now try to plead your case. We are in total chaos There’s no peace every where you turn on the tv it makes you wanna just turn it off . When you go out some where you must be alert at all time when you get in the car and out . If you go to the mall or out to dinner basically anywhere Come on why does it have to be this way why? There’s so many things going on I can’t even say half of it . All I know is that God is trying to tell us something in the mist of whats going wrong stay strong and keep the hope alive and strive to do what’s right Heaven is the ultimate goal do you wanna go? Stay prayed up at all times pray like never before every day pray this simple prayer :

God you know what I’m up against help me everyday lead me and guide me

May your protection  follow me in Jesus name Amen.

All i wanna do is Live, Laugh and Love and fight to the end and may God’s grace and mercy shower down on this  entire world. Everyone will answer for them self’s on a explanation to justify their actions. Fight to stay covered under the blood of Jesus stay near the cross and may peace seek into the ungodly minds.

Copyright ©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved.


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