Crowd vs. Reality

Deceitful and disloyal smiling in my face,

Showing your teeth as everybody stands around.

I fall and you sit right there and watch it happen,

Wait I’m confused this wasn’t suppose to be a show.

Look what you did people running like there a kid,

To get one more dose of the excitement,

One more dose of the wild and craziness .

Watching me make a complete fool out of myself,

Okay so you think it’s funny hahaha.. you really laughing .

you want to be notice that badly so you can be seen on a cover of a magazine ,

as if your something interesting.

yeah you have a lot to prove but I realized

Intellectually the mind’s not on the same level,

That’s why you caused so much trouble .

Yeah I will admit it hurt deeply,

the fact that I didn’t read in between the lines.

The truth is I’m strong I will rise above ,

you have to take a lost to gain .

You have turned into my enemy, because you walked away .

Walking around with my head hanging down ,

Worried constantly trying to figure out ,

What’s wrong ? what I do ?.

Nope it’s just you couldn’t follow by the rules and regulations ,

you broke the code I can’t take no more,

You can walk out my life there is the door.

It’s getting old and we getting older,

I’m to old to entertain foolish things

No longer will I care about anybody that doesn’t understand me

Or my vision I have morals , values the standards are high .

I’m a child of God so I can hold my head up walk with dignity and pride .

I’m going to do what’s right I follow my heart ,

I don’t want to follow the crowd just follow Jesus .

I’m okay with standing all alone wait..

I won’t ever be alone when people walk away ,

Jesus is going to stay.

I absorb all of the life lesson,

count them as a true blessing.

You react according to how you choose to life

But just know I can’t stray from just having a peace of mind

Leave me alone I don’t want to hear what you have to say,

stay with the crowd let’s see how that turns out  .

This is the crowd Vs my reality

Copyright ©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved.


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