Glitz ,glamour and flashing lights that’s the trend ,a lot of time and money that’s put in . Everyone stares at you from head to toe the look it’s just right, hair and makeup look’s so divine nobody can tell you otherwise . Hair swinging from side to side so much body and shine ,you even added a touch of highlights it’s making you feel so good inside. The clothes are expensive that’s very important ,if it’s not then it cant belong to me obviously it serves no purpose  quality vs. quantity that’s what I believe . My pockets have arrived most people look from the entrance of the door and walk on by, the shirt with a wonderful contrast a nice trim of gold on the side. A blazer jacket to complement to top it off I will wear some jeans that fit just the way I wont them, A few rips on my thighs and below the knee maybe a lighter or darker shade I’m thinking lighter will work just fine.  Yes I think it’s a good balance now wait… don’t forget the heels,flats or boots to match it and of course the earrings wow you really look outstanding . Now this whole look must come together a purse Coach or Michael Kors, either one you know it will make you glamorous . Okay so let’s flash the light on the inside does it look the same as the outside?  or could it be all of this covers up what your trying to hide it remains hidden it’s like a maze because there’s somethings in your life that needs to be reevaluated so you can really feel good about what your wearing .

It’s something to consider that’s why your just a little bitter, everything your doing is just to makeup for what your lacking searching for really true happiness .Listen you can look good I sure mostly everyone does But you need to be expose to how a women should feel that should be understood , Confident and your head held high know who you are your a true star brighter than your clothes the hair and makeup, I know all of this makes you really comfortable . When you walk in the room don’t let all of this gain so much attention and recognition,Listen your beautiful so beautiful not to mention your smart to .Lets try this again Flashing lights, glamorous and glitz I trust and believe that you have the full package, now your ready for the runway go work it out.

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