The Favor Of The Savior

I cry out to you O God

your a savior O God

 The shield the fence that’s put on my life and the life of other’s O God ,.

The strength the extraordinary power that stops and blocks .

The force of the devil the evil that tries to step in ,

You push it were it needs to go .

Right back into the pits of Hell O God.

Your undefeated the way the situation could’ve turned out ,

What cause the result to manifest in supernatural favor.

The promise of your will O God I must worship all the time ,

The devil is busy now as always it wouldn’t seem right,

for him to just leave,nope hear he comes stirring up some mess.

I declare it over my life and anybody else life were the obstacles ,trials and tribulations ,

Are trying to get you down and locked down to be held hostage right now .

All of this negativity devil go flea just leave if you thought you could keep me off track,

No sorry I always come right back I wont be down for long I hold on to God’s promises

I thank God

I say it loud

I’m proud

Let everybody say Amen!

Copyright ©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved.


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