Dreams are images,ideas,emotions and sensations, that occurs involuntary in the mind during stages of sleep . With that being said I’ve always been interested in understanding why do we have dreams?, Well it’s all about the unconscious mind which stores the feelings , thoughts and urges of memories .  Unlike the conscious mind it ‘s fully aware and alert in the moment for example if your sitting or standing the mind know’s exactly what’s going on its alert .The unconscious it has a desire that allows the mind to go straight into an unreal setting .I’m fascinated that the unconscious can take you to a place were you can actually wake up and have very descriptive details as to what took place everything’s such a clear picture . Have you ever woke up from a wonderful dream excited and happy with a huge smile on your face? The mind hasn’t realized that it wasn’t real this has happen to me a few times I had to laugh at myself the rage of excitement was insane just like the time I dreamed I saw Josh Turner and he gave me his autograph .

Another question would be what’s the meaning behind a dream the hidden message well, from my own experience I will say a message is something you can detect from a dream. It’s happen to me several times I dream about something as a warning that something’s going to happen . I will wake up having a strange feeling then suddenly I receive the conformation ,most of the dreams that are bad you try to ignore them, because you don’t want the thought of what happen even in your mind period. unfortunately it ‘s come to pass from what I experienced, or when you have a feeling about what someone will say or what there about to do and weather you know the person or not. Feel free to comment tell me about your dreams have they been a warning or if you have had a dream .I remember some one told me a few people actually that they have  never had a dream.  feel free to tell me about it.

Through my research the way you feel before you sleep affects the dreams you will have . It helps to be calm and relaxed to sooth the mind in order to have peaceful thoughts . Going to sleep mad over something it’s not good the mind’s consume with too many thoughts the body has tension the strain of  the mental and physical well being of the body is simply overwhelmed to relax meditation really  helps .

The truth about dreams well there sweet when someone says sweet dreams no really it’s true most of the time, sometimes they can leave you scared and afraid. There’s codes ,warnings and deep messages behind them for example: what I got out of dreaming about getting an autograph was that something good was going to happen and it did. The mind is power that’s what I believe it’s amazing how all of this works together . Overall its good to have dreams because dreams really come true the thrill of great things happening for you.

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