Living vs Running

Going through the motions because at the time the eyes can only see what’s in front of them. The misery of a scenery that seems like it’s been there for a decade so it’s easy to sit and find comfort . To find adjustment even though you have so many thoughts that are factual so you stay. Searching and still trying to convince the inside that everything around you it’s good , and the love for the person that you care about their the center of your world and it’s okay if you fall apart . The challenges and sacrifice the extra miles that you run when the voices call your name a thousand times you jump , hop and skip what’s going on? How can I help you?  Their value is worth so much until when they speak your heart starts beating at a face pace .

Listening to what they have to say eagerly engaging into the conversation about all of the problems that’s happen or maybe what could happen. And talking about Jane,Marco and Anna o their terrible let me tell you what they did. No why talk about them when you still going to be there friends . Tomorrow your hanging out with them that doesn’t add up go talk to them and explain it . Of course we all talk to people to blow off stem but the person your mad at tell them first,But no they still go around gossiping . You sit their like your crazy and listen to straight nonsense and you had very important things you needed to do but you neglect yourself and it’s okay . Now you receive a text the person sad “I’m mad at you” your mind is going crazy trying to understand.  Why their mad It affects you so bad so now texting back and forth happens .

There’s a picture that’s been painted and it’s ugly completely twisted you simply wrap the mind around it . Because it’s not right to think or feel that people around are more valuable than you, that you run to the rescue when nobody run’s when you need them to. No they don’t even move listening to a problem please, call them on a day when your about to hit rock bottom okay any minute now your expected to fall will they listen running to catch you do they really love you? Then when they see you the questions asked “how did you get up?” Don’t ask nothing just shut up why does it matter you wasn’t coming to help obviously . Look at every situation what was accomplished years and months  wasted what did it solve nothing nobody even gave you a pat on the back nobody even appreciated  it . Ghost gone walked away so where are they now? Who knows only god does the hurt the pain still remains everyday the obstacle course of life .It takes to go through to really struggle with people things inside that you try to hide or the things your face with just to survive to be taken to the next level not partially no fully. Your an angel such a sweet kind heart person God watches your every move but most importantly the race , listening,time and all your hard efforts to put a smile on everyone else face  but what really should be considered is to put the energy into you.

No validation from nobody you have to build a platform stand strong ,bold,loyal and faithful to yourself let the voices say whatever with the negative comments It’s okay .You must start to glow now and really start living life be happy enjoy yourself dance ,sing , travel and even go to a nice restaurant nobody ‘s even beside you happy has ever . Forget about people no need to feel like being around people is your happiness no Hold the truth in your heart and mind people fade and vanish but living life saying that you are really being happy with in yourself nobody can take that away when this happens there is true power that’s developed, molded and you shaped it. Congratulations  you made it!

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