The perception of a person abilities just because what the mind allows you to see. Therefore the judgement mentality comes from that ,The minds train to think that what’s appealing must be trust worthy . So a visual in the mind is that a person with a suit holds way more importance than the person with regular jeans and a t-shirt. Why? The person with the suit gives off a demeanor that everything’s all together society simply gravitates to the familiar .why judge when you haven’t given the person a chance there’s so many examples. I could give for being judgemental but there is a major problem that needs to be addressed.

Iv’e had so many people talk to me about the qualifications for a job, many companies and corporations state and list everything that the right candidate , should have in order to be hired. But a person that has the qualifications on the resume or went to school for a certain occupation . Doesn’t mean necessarily they will be a great asset to the company, the piece of paper represents the credentials. But what  you should think about is that along the way the person with the qualifications will have to learn and gain knowledge of something knew with in the company.

The person that doesn’t have the qualifications on a resume for the position this person will not get a interview. Because the paper states you have no potential, just because the person doesn’t meet the qualifications doesn’t mean there not capable of learning the job. The person has great work ethics,team player,proficient in multitasking,work well under pressure and awesome customer service  skills eager to learn to become very valuable to the company. No these type of people are overlooked because of experience, well shouldn’t experience come from someone given you a chance to gain experience how are you suppose to get it?

There’s plenty of people with higher positions such as  CEO’S ,how did they climb up the ladder simply a chance, someone saw  there potential they were shown the ways of the business . Some of them had no degrees nothing , a degree or any certification its definitely encouraged it’s worth it and great rewards behind it . The person with the degree I understand that will be the first choice, but also the people with out one should be considered as well at least some of them.

If there interviewed and you see the candidate will not be a good fit for the company then there’s nothing else to be discuss. Lets not be so quick to make bad judgement based off of perception do something about it change the normal look at abnormal. The person with the suit and the one with the jeans and t-shirt give them a chance as well .Its about what you have that stands out to get the job done look at the possibility .

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