The Feeling Of Danger

The signals that your sending that a problem is about to arise, here comes the body language and posture it’s telling everything without you even speaking .The face expressions really let’s someone else know the indication .To leave them alone or if it would be a smart move to sit next beside you all of these gestures  are not inviting . A conversation sparks and now your offended , what was said you found that to be very offensive wow had no clue it would be taken into this direction .

Here comes the loud crazy tone of a voice yelling no chance to explain yourself this person is talking over you. Not just any person your own family and friends its taken a step further . Because the one that’s yelling feels like their point hasn’t been made yet.Feelings  are so dangerous provoked to go on a rampage to throw things ,break glasses and start fighting . Saying all kinds of words that don’t even make sense if your mad enough. Feelings make you psycho you must learn how to get them under control ,feelings make you hate each other and people that haven’t even done anything to you. Feelings make you attack the character of the ones close to you , call them ugly, dumb ,and stupid telling them their never going to be anything.

Or bring up the pass or say something that hurt’s your soul on top of that say it out loud in front of everybody. This is what family and friends are about now laughing it brings joy to the heart to make others around feel less of a person than you . Okay sure your moving up in the world more like moving up to be ignorant, unintelligent and immature . Please seek help immediately stuck in your own stupid ways can’t even sit down as civilized human beings . To get down to the parts of were the discommunication started  you say your an adult o ok

.Do you even know what that means? probably not by the way your acting. yelling almost out of breath your head’s hurting from your crazy behavior when your going to come right back asking for help and apologize . What you say can get you in trouble take a different approach, just because your mad doesn’t mean you should say what’s on your mind all the time . The things you say there’s no going back remember that flip it around makes some good out of it . Lets get ourselves together time is running out please I’m sick of seeing this.

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