I Acknowledge You

I acknowledge you because there is no me with out you, it’s not about what you can do for me . I acknowledge just the fact that your God ,thinking about your creations ,movements and the ways that are made. When the possible is shown when everybody thought it was impossible it makes my eyes fill up with tears. That’s how much I love you I feel safe because your protection it’s so real . You allow my heart to be at ease when the weights of this world starts to become overwhelming  you really carry me. Nobody’s around at all when I go through or when I’m faced with a big decision to make well I call on you asking God what step should I take your voice leads me God I thank you.

Rewards are received when your people follow you I have to acknowledge you. Despite of the storm I know that you can turn everything around make the sun shine beautifully . That’s enough to make me jump for joy go into a crazy worship listening to your gospel let it minister to my soul o hallelujah. God I acknowledge you people look at me crazy because when I speak I mention your name but they just don’t understand . It’s okay maybe they will one day to have a relationship with you it means everything.

I acknowledge you forever your spirit remains high the power that’s in you it’s put into your people the power is incredible . When your people are faced with the world its obvious we are not of the world without opening our mouth to speak everybody knows that you are the center of our life. I acknowledge you I would be crazy not to I love you.

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