Just Listen

There’s many skills that a person should learn in order to understand how to function in life. The functions gives a certain order so that you won’t have to worry about walking in the wrong direction. Not only for this matter but also to push you to the next level in your life. To be set apart from the ones that are just not willing to do things the right way. Doors open to those who choose to develop the necessary skills to be equip in many parts of life. There’s one major skill that a lot of people have a very difficult time with . Because its not seen as resource or tool  grasping the concept of it being beneficial .

I understand that we go through life and some mistakes will be made, Nobody can protect your actions all the time. But if you have a wonderful influential person in your life that knows a lot and have seen a lot and they have  experience in many aspects in life they have been on your same path why not use this one skill to help you it’s to simply listen JUST LISTEN!!! . It’s free doesn’t cost a thing , to have active listening skills makes life so much easier . From being a child learning at the age were your able to understand growing into a teenager to being young growing into into a full  grown adult. In each stage listening has to be a skill that remains for your whole life. I observe and watch the horrible mindset of a person that feels listening kills them it’s a crime shame on you seriously. The attitude is horrible the reaction of someone trying to give you some good solid advice you rather suffer than get help.

I pride myself into listening I’m young and I’m not trying to be stupid and hard headed I try to tell other people that it pays off .To learn absorb as much wisdom and knowledge as you can . Challenge yourself to listen even if you don’t wont to hear what the person has to say don’t say a word BE QUIET!! listen and think about it maybe you can get something out of it . You can’t learn if your not willing to make the choice to be still and listen before you just jump into something.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t listen to my parents and the ones that always support me through my life It means so much . So if your a person that really just don’t feel like listening to the ones that actually care about you the ones that only won’t the best for you then Listen to me it will pay off trust me at least try it God honors that so it’s not a smart move to go against it remember all you have to do is LISTEN!.

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