I think we all have been guilty of having thoughts of doubt in our minds . Feeling as though God’s not going to allow everything to work out. Allowing your spirit to be filled with so much negativity . Pondering so nervous and shaking consumed by what if or I don’t know . praying pouring your heart out telling God your biggest desires. But still in the back of your mind there’s doubt . The situation  seems just a little shaky . So if that’s the case why pray ? Believing and trusting God that’s what faith is all about . Standing confident even though the eyes can’t see anything.When it remains a mystery soon it will unfold nothings impossible . God can do anything now that should touch your heart. God see’s the challenges that you face.  Waiting for so long the time is going by. The idea  of being ignored makes you afraid . You need to realize that God would never ever leave.  Believe with the heart ,mind and soul its okay when others don’t believe with you.  Believe in the performance of God working a miracle. Maybe not in the time frame you intended. Just know that he will make it happen.  God won’t us to have an extraordinary life to exceed ordinary. To receive double for the obstacles that brought you down . Build your faith so that it wont every bend or break. Because you know who God is and his power. Don’t worry God has heard your prayer so leave it in his hands.  You will make it so go enjoy the rest of your day . Faith its easy to say the word but honestly do you really have it?.

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