The principle or standard of something that holds importance to a person. The value of having so many material things .Caught into buying what you must have your pride and joy. Some people value getting nice houses and nice cars others want to have tons of clothes and shoes. According to the lifestyle in witch you desire to live so this becomes a pattern to  be a custom to all of the wonderful things that you receive . The luxury to have anything nice or anything at all its’s a blessing not to be taken lightly.  I think values are really misunderstood the concept of being surrounded by what you love the most. You have to really think about something why have cars and houses all of these things? . When you don’t take care of it I don’t get it . You get a car and just drive nothing else don’t clean it no maintaining at all . There’s so much that goes into a car so why would you invest money into something that’s only to be treated like trash . Then you get a house its treated the same way from the outside to the inside .It’s a complete disaster no efforts to do anything so now the fixtures and everything’s just slowly falling apart. What’s crazy to me is that people really don’t even care . The concept of having something and taking care of it they go together come on that’s just logical .  You look crazy It’s like  your showing off or trying to prove a point that you can get all of this . Guess what nobody cares your responsible for everything you have . Remember it’s easy  to get things and if you don’t appreciated God can easily take it away . Don’t mess up what you do have more its always going to be there. Show God you are thankful to have what he’s blessed you with in the first place .

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