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Interior design Its something that I would consider to be quite interesting .  To design an decorate a room based on your visionary . That’s awesome  to see it actually come to life so exciting . It could also become slightly frustrating if your not exactly sure .On what steps to take to achieve the look that you desire. I’ve provided a few steps that would allow you to at least  get started.

Color scheme – Pick colors to either brighten or soften each room. How this could be determined if your unsure look at the walls . This will allow you to figure out if certain colors would clash when there put together. I feel like its best to use a pattern along with a sold color it makes a wonderful contrast. Using warm and cool colors are really great to accomplish this. Play around with different colors figure out the ones that are best.

Placement –  Having every piece of furniture proportionate  in the correct way its very important . The furniture placement is determined by the height ,width, and depth . To add the visual in every room. I prefer to have a very open and spacious layout with just the right amount of furniture . But you might won’t to add more witch is totally fine if that makes you happy.

Complement-  Now its time to have some fun! The time has come to add the lamps , curtains , center pieces and  accessories to complement each room. Based off of your lovely furniture an the color scheme. So now what’s next?  Lastly the mood

Mood- Its important to use proper lighting to accent the vibe in witch your trying to create.

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