Spoken words an the shame that your heart should feel. To say anything  as if you have the approval. You dare someone to say something because you have the right to. Its all about pointing the finger constantly expressing the thoughts on how you feel. I’m disgusted with the attitude an demeanor so much tension. Evil walks in when you enter the room or wherever you may go. So negative nobody wants to be around you wait.. who are you anyway? Exactly So it’s okay to walk over to someone an talk about their hair shoes and clothes . You even criticize them about everything their doing an ask so many questions with that stupid smile on your face. The thrill of talking so much junk about someone makes you so happy. What in the world you obviously have issues deep within that needs major work .  Beside the words demonic and spiteful your name would sit next beside it .Why critics tell lies feel like your on this high you can do whatever you please . So what happen when someone tell you about yourself.Its going to make you very upset and probably say something worst than what you said before. So whats the real reason for doing this everyone’s living life prospering . Is that the problem well maybe if you could get away from the devil . You could actually prosper to, Are you lost? Seems like your mind as been corrupted. Why look at everyone else look at yourself. Stop trying to pick with other people. Focus on yourself if you just follow this one simply rule .Noticing what someone wears or picking out what you hate about people well you wouldn’t have time for that. The words an some of the behaviors that I’ve seen  I put them on replay in my mind like wait.. What did you say?  It’s just mind blowing to me.

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