Skin Care


Beautiful flawless skin its what everyone strives for .To have what most would consider as perfect skin. For some people this has already been achieved. Then others are still trying to make it to this point. Going through the phase of acne can really get under your skin. It will make you feel self conscious . Resulting  into low self esteem nobody should go through that. With so many different skin care products on the market it could become frustrating. To determine exactly what product works best for your skin type .Some  products are more effective than others . Through making an analysis what type of skin do you have ?  Here’s a list of the 4 skin types

Normal – The texture appearance is smooth ,moist and soft with a healthy glow

Combination- Consist of two types of skin normal; to dry skin. On the outer perimeter of the face an oily condition . Know as the “T” zone area of the face

Oily- This texture appearance has large pores which is the reason for acne

Oily skin is cause by excess sebum this is where the oil and moisture comes from.The  sebaceous glands becomes over active produce the shiny look . If you have this skin type avoid using products that have a oil based substance to them.

Dry – The texture appearance has very small pores shine- free rough feel

The cause of dry skin is that the sebaceous glands are under active making it hard for the skin to produce moisture . A person with this skin type should use products that keeps the skin hydrated at all times.

Now the skin types have been determined,what can you do besides use products?

Well eating and drinking the right things will help improve the health of the skin. Eating foods that are antioxidants and also vitamin E and C are highly recommended . Preventing the chances of anything coming to the surface of the face. So I’ve provided a  few  different  fruits,vegetables ,meats and drinks that would help your skin an also your body.

Fruit -Blueberries , strawberries,raspberries,apples and pomegranate

Drinks- Water this will definitely help the skin I love water it really works. The skin need moisture even the slightest amount of dehydration .Can cause the skin to look dry for those that don’t really care for water as much. I would recommend at least 2 or 3 cups a day to at least get into the habit. Drinking  water each day is important. Herbal tea is also good to drink because of its natural ingredients .

Meat-Chicken, roast beef,turkey,and fish

Vegetables –Carrots,spinach ,green pepper and corn

Obtaining flawless skin can be achieved its just about what you consume and the things that you use . So hopefully this gives some insight on what to do .But regardless you should feel good about yourself anyway .

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