Healthy Hair


Are you having problems obtaining healthy hair ? Your tired of products that don’t work . You have followed every hair regiment that you possibly can . Or maybe understanding what products to put on the hair  has been an issue . If your wondering why your hair grows to a certain length .An suddenly the growing process appears to slow down . Well I have  all the answers that would give you some insight. So lets jump right into the first step.

Identify – You should analyze the problems that you detect . Ask yourself a question.  what does my hair need ?  It could be moisture or protein maybe a combination of both. The most common situation that Iv’e seen would be moisture. Most importantly identify the changes of your hair and texture . Is the hair dry ,frizz and brittle how has the hair changed with in the last few months or so ? . Has the hair become weaker or stronger or have you notice it’s not as thick as it use to be. It’s important to know all of this it’s a wise idea .To understand your hair down to a science because you can go to a salon. Get your hair done but after that you have to maintain it when you walk away .It makes it easier on you and the stylist your both winning by maintaining your hair. By the next visit it won’t be so much work .That the stylist has to do they would appreciate it.

Products-Now that you understand what’s going on how can you fix it ? Well its really simple first get rid of the products that are drying your out making the hair frizz or brittle . Then find good quality products and not all professional products are expensive. So you have no excuse If the hair lacks moisture buy products that provide moisture . Buy shampoos ,conditioners and leave in  as well  that have good oils in them that’s  what I highly recommend . To feed your dermal papilla witch supplies the oxygen and nourishment to allow the hair to grow this is your main focus.  So now lets talk about the hair growth cycle the 3 stages .

Anagen- Known as the growing stage the hair continues to grow half an inch per month.  2 to  6 years is the Life  expectancy for the hair to grow possibly 10 .

Catagen –Known as the intermediary stage In this stage the hair slowly starts to disconnect. From the papilla and follicle So now the pockets located within the scalp. No longer receive nourishment to extend the individual strands. This process last for about 2 to 3 weeks .

Telogen –Known as the shedding stage (resting) the hair has officially stop growing for about 3 to 6 months .  The good news is that the hair  will start growing again . That’s awesome!  Then the hair will  repeat the process .

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