Energy & Money

Do you love having money?  Do you enjoy shopping an traveling ?  Going places that are fun and exciting . It’s just something that you haven’t been able to do because bills are overwhelming your pockets.  It seems as if that’s the only direction in witch your money flows. A new money saving plan is what you need because you have places to go . The madness will hopefully end today. Through my research I will give tips to help use money as a tool but most importantly use money in the right way in addition to saving energy . So lets get started !

Budget-  You must create a budget to figure out how your money can be divided into 3 ways. 1. Bills 2. Buy what you want and need 3. Save

Save – I was trying to figure out why is this the most difficult part. It’s for a few reasons money is spent on so many unnecessary things . Having to many bills that could be cut tremendously probably  in half . An not having more than one resource to pull from . Other than the money that you make.

How can you fix this problem?

Spend money on what you have to the rest save it at least what your able to spare. Everything counts no matter if its $20 ,$30 or $40 a month that’s put back save something. Another great tip would be pay bills ahead  of time this is great all the way around period. It leaves room for something else you have to get or you could save that extra money because you paid on time. Life happens so set yourself up to be prepared.

Water & Lights 

Water-  Did you know that the average faucet use 2 gallons of water per minute ? Wow! With that being said conserving it’s the way to go definitely. Installing a low flow  shower head cuts about 20,000 gallons of water per year . What ! Also if you put whats called a aerator on the faucet its a big money saver . It allows air bubbles to stream out to produce the same amount of pressure to flow out. Another way if buying fixtures are just not apart of your money saving plan. Well make sure your timing your shower no more than 5 mins . I know that’s crazy but if you won’t to save then that’s what its going to take. This will help save about 6 gallons of water every time you take a shower . Wow! Turing the faucet off when your brushing your teeth saves several gallons as well . Looks like your money is expected to stack really high. Washing clothes on a large load and using the cold water cycle makes the clothes last longer. Now if you just have use hot water for something other than delicate than do so. But of course you wont the water hot to really clean the clothes properly . Well it looks like cold is a better option it’s suppose to make the bill less expensive.

Light- Unplug everything that you possible can because even though everything is turn off. Electricity is being pulled it’s good to use a power strip to plug multiple things on to it. Also when you leave out of a room turn the light off .You can save so much just by doing something so simple. Buying lights that save on energy it’s good to cut down the cost as well.  Some electric companies have peak hours  during those hours so many people are using electricity. This makes the cost more expensive therefore if the energy is being used after peak hours it’s much cheaper. Some companies have plans that would allow you to save energy.

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