I absolutely love cooking! It’s wonderful to create your own master piece .Right in the comfort of your own home. The best part I would have to say is to mix different spices together . To create an explosion in your mouth that will make you close your eyes after each bit. Food is amazing fun and exciting ! Before I discovered other spices that I will share with you. I use to cook with the same spices over and over again. How boring right .. So I cook a lot for my family and I wonted to find new spices . That not only taste good an have tons of flavor . But gear towards cooking  with spices that are healthy as well. Through my research I was able to find spices to season many dishes. Most importantly spices that are good for the body. Here’s just a few spices that I love to cook with the taste is so delightful.

Garlic – The compounds in garlic reduces high blood pressure. Also helps with common colds and heart disease.

Rosemary– It’s an antioxidant it improves the digestive system .Also stimulates the immune system and reduces inflammation.

Cayenne Pepper – Reduces pain in the joints and nerves an lowers cholesterol

Curry- Boost bone health it has a variety of vitamins and minerals. Also helps lower blood sugar.

Parsley – Excellent source of vitamin C

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