Don’t Cry

Don’t cry dry your eyes I know your filled with so much hurt and pain. The emotions stick with you every single day they flow all kind of ways. It’s easy for people to say its going to be okay. Everything’s going to work out but deep down to the core of your soul has been cut deep. When everybody walks away the pain is still there but nobody cares then. Because everyone has part ways going on with their day your left all alone. So the tissues and tears are the only things that are left. How much more will come in a second you will hit the floor . The struggle of life it’s real it’s not a joke or a game I mean seriously. People gather around for a split second to give comfort. But where is the person that really fills the pain ? Where is the person that has really gone through something its like that’s the person you wanna talk to. Becoming distant from the world because all you see is what your going through . No time to interact with anyone what’s the point of it your not happy anyway. Growing numb so a custom to being cut and bruised an thrown on the ground.

Having to crawl just to make it through that was hard for you . This is real life I will say it again. Negativity knocks at the door as always seems as if nobody won’t you to win . For their on stupid or selfish reason but they can’t stop your blessings. You look in the mirror and think to yourself I deserve to be great after all this pain. Don’t cry God’s been watching the whole time.

Don’t cry the wait is so worth it

Don’t cry just keep working

Your setting yourself up for the rewards that’s coming

Don’t cry you been through enough

Quit stop it

Don’t cry I will believe with you

Don’t cry because its’s already done

Don’t cry you have to prepare

It seems as if the dark cloud has been cast upon you . But God’s getting ready to make everything bright. The sun will shine brighter that its ever been before. So don’t cry I’m telling you God’s got your back. Trust that know that sit back Β let him show up and do that. So make this the last time you cry because what’s getting ready to happen will make you smile everyday all the time. Don’t cry I know its rough I understand I really do.

Copyright Β©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved



10 thoughts on “Don’t Cry

  1. That’s right, Eri, God has seen all afflictions and He will tend to every one of them. He is the champion of those who follow Him and His commands…good post!


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