Moving on seeing how it use to be so I removed myself slowly. Coming out of all the obstacles that captured me. Trying to make it so I bow down and pray because the lord knows. I need to stay that way this process wasn’t easy no it was not. A lot of ropes and mountains an hard thinking . O man you don’t understand everything it took from me. Lord help me it took my air I had nothing to spare gasping . I was fighting and determined to become brand new. Despite the things that I face and the voices that tried to say something differently . O they were so bad I’m glad I survived trying to speak but it was not true .  Trying to make it seem like I’m crazy yeah o just give up celebrate no get away from me.  I put all of this away don’t even try to make me feel a certain way.  I’m trying to handle this in the best way back up before I retaliate . I appreciate the progress that’s made so don’t try to invade. I hear my destiny calling that’s why you are behind me . I just gotta let you go simply forget.  So flea now that I’ve left you alone you wanna sneak up and creep . Wow so amazing over shadow what I’m doing no just leave . Let me stop you right in the tracks I’m my own boss I boss me .  That’s why I had to pray so the lord would grab me .  I’ve moved on problems you can’t have me  I refuse to look back.

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3 thoughts on “Problem

  1. Sounds like you came through a pretty tough time, Eri. It is good that you didn’t turn away from the One who gives strength, the Lord God. He is with us always, and will help us through everything as long as we are guided by His will and word. Stand firm, young lady!


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    • Thank u so much ! I really appreciate your comment. Yes I could never turn away from him he is my everything. Absolutely I always keep that on my mind and in my heart . That he will always stand right beside. I will stay strong! Again thank u 🙂

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      • The Lord loves you and He will never leave nor forsake you, (Hebrews 13:5). Be His best friend…pray to Him always…let Him come close to you. Obey the gospel of Christ if you haven’t already so that you can have the blessings He promises to all who truly belong to Him…

        Have a great day, Eri!



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