Survive that’s the mindset that would explain the reason for all of it. The roller coaster constantly fluctuating just to stay above water. To throw your hand out to reach for something that has the mind turning. It’s along journey still got some bumps up ahead. Still got some things to deal with but if you can just hold on. Survive through all of it the length an time span. It’s got the patients running thin but hold your tongue don’t speak. You can take it don’t say a word keep going if you could just survive through it . Through the mess and just live its been talked about so much . Of how much pain you feel and the things you wish you could change. About what you don’t have looking around trying to figure out a plan. If you could just survive on the edge like this is it looking towards the sky. O man if you could hang on an survive. All the places that life has brought you to how in the world did you manage.

The same old things everyday being held hostage left and right. No help nothing how did you survive all the voices. Telling you to quit or that you would never be nothing. The battle of listening to the good and bad trying to figure out what side to choose. At the lowest point in life whats happening to you? It’s always in your mind I got to survive thinking.  I come to far to give up I come along way to just pack up and leave. There might actually be a chance or a shot to get up and rise make it to the top . To be proud an become something you know God’s got a plan.But the weight of the world is on your back so heavy. You can’t focus push through come on you have to survive . Excellent , greatness and extraordinary that’s the goal. In order to reach it coming out the storm to stretch your hands lift them high . To rejoice to say you made it realizing that it’s crazy and  a lot to tolerate. But you have to survive through it. The power comes from within to stand firm a fighter  going through the obstacles . But you have the strength I guess you wouldn’t ever know if it wasn’t test it.

Copyright ©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved


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