Because Of You

Why do I say the things that I say ? Well it’s because you tell me to it’s placed on my heart. What else would I do? I shouldn’t change just grow and become better as a person . So many things I had to teach myself no one else offered help. You guided my path every step of the way so I caught on figured it out. Lord you gave me the plan an strategies Iv’e develop a new way . But for the most part I’ve always been the same through the words. That you whisper softly in my ears I’ve learned so many things . Thank you it’s a beautiful thing my search is over . Because whatever it is that I need well I know you have it. I follow a certain rule and away of life because of you. Not many people understand me because of it. I guess it’s not for them to why should I care I must put my focus on you. I find peace I’m able to sleep peacefully knowing . That I will be okay so I let my voice be heard shout your name. Everywhere I go talk about you I get so excited and happy . My eyes fill up with tears because you have been so good to me. šŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Because Of You

  1. Eri…this is beautiful! Continue to show your love for God because He is an awesome God! Joy now and forever is what He has promised to those who obey the gospel of Christ and are baptized into His Son. That’s a step you need to make if you haven’t done so already…



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