It’s Not That Bad

The trials and tribulations of your life makes you so weak. You can hardly speak down on your knees . But instantly you make a turn you get up a change in your spirit. You look around an get a chance to talk to someone. You realize it’s not that bad after all weak but suddenly become stronger. Could hardly speak but this person made you speak louder. It’s not that bad because after hearing their story you start to see the bigger picture. Thinking like I was really complaining I was really crying down and out. For what exactly? It’s not that bad as we make it out to be . It makes you feel a little crazy reacting to a situation . That’s not life threatening your not out on the street . You never had to worry about where your next meal would come from. Okay so your low on money but God can multiple that . I mean that’s the reason you made it this far so again what’s the situation? It’s not that bad because this isn’t the first time that life brought you down.  But it’s always temporary you should know that. How did everything turn out? just fine as a matter of fact it was fantastic. More than you could even imagine so it’s not that bad . Despite your situation your able to go around motivating people. Telling them the promises of God are heading their way. It’s not that bad because your still standing from what I can see. So I would say your doing pretty good to me. God knows what we need before we even ask . How incredible is that ! Well God is just amazing like that from your side it’s bad . From the other side you don’t even know what bad is.  Because what their going through it’s trying to take them under. So while your waiting on a blessing remember your blessed anyway. Hold your head up smile everything’s going to be okay. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “It’s Not That Bad

  1. There is an old saying…”I cried because I had no shoes…until I met someone who had no feet.” We all have trials and challenges in this world. And the fact is that no matter how bad we think we are, someone else does have it worse than us! Thanks for pointing out the goodness in our lives which we need to be thankful to God for!


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