Why do you attend church? When the word is being given what do you get out of it? or do you just go?  Some people get the impression that if a person doesn’t attend a church. Then their not living right or their not right with God . I don’t understand the concept yes going  is something you should do . But I’m going to be real If a person doesn’t go to church. Nobody can justify their relationship with God nobody can do that . Church it’s a temple you hear a word and worship. You can go to church every Sunday and Wednesday that doesn’t mean your heart is right. That doesn’t mean your all holy a real body of Christ. Many people play this role its ridiculous you need God everyday. Not just certain days you should shout his name. Say thank you Jesus everyday worship give God praise all day. This really needs to stop if we are people of God .Why would you judge anyway?

Even the ones that quote scriptures trying to intimidate you .Because you don’t know the bible as well as they do. Reading the bible knowing scriptures is something you should do . But guess what you can know the whole entire bible quote every scripture. That doesn’t mean nothing if your not applying to your life.  If your not then I’m sorry you need to be quiet you can say nothing . Practice what you preach!! If say something  the actions must show as well.  A relationship with God is not meant to be pushed on nobody. The relationship has to be wonted and excepted. God looks at the heart he knows if your trying to live right, that’s between that person and God.  Let’s be honest and real nobody is perfect . I don’t care how much you go to church we all have something. God looks at you he knows if you try your very best everyday. To please him to acknowledge him in every way . When you come up short ask God to to forgive you simply repent . I mean it’s wrong when you think something that’s not right or say something. I mean come on everybody has done that it’s just life . A lot of things you do there not intentional but for the simple fact your human. But try to stay on the right path try to do what gods ask of you. That’s what he looks at  we all know what’s right and what’s not.

I grew up in church I love church but I would never judge somebody. Or act like I can’t be around someone because of that . For the simple fact that’s not my place to do that.  You don’t know what relationship a person has with God . Even if they don’t go for whatever reason  you could tell .If they truly love God by what they say. I think I have one  reason it’s because of crazy mess like this. Even being judge even about what you wear . Really!  As a believer in God we have to do better and be true to him. If you won’t to help somebody then take the right approach . To help them become closer to God show them the right way. Lead by example be the example represent God in the way that you should.  Remember when God comes back you will be held accountable . So before you open your mouth to say something . Ask yourself this question: Is this the right way to represent God? 🙂

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