Morning Time

Well you have rested long enough its time to get up. The alarm clock goes off you try hard to ignore it. Maybe 5 or 10 more minutes wont hurt. Well you could do that if you wanna be late. So you think to yourself I have to get up .The morning isn’t the best time of day for you. Any other part of the day is just fine so you wake up everyday grumpy . With the most horrible attitude no one can even say Good Morning! to you . So rude it’s like you really woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Go back to sleep and try it again that was so unnecessary . The morning time is rough for many people its early . All you can think about is staying sleep. Wake up thankful to see another day be happy your able to get up. Your able to get and move nothing is wrong with you. That’s a blessing within its self when someone says good morning to you say it back. It wont hurt you to do that at least I hope it wont . Pray before you get ready for the day. That God will help you get yourself together. It’s important to have the right mindset everyday try your hardest . Wake up thankful for another day. Asking for  God’s favor and protection  to follow you  today . Lead you  guide you  I know  your struggling. This morning but he will help you  make it through the day. Get some breakfast drink some coffee or whatever you like to drink. An be on your way to have a wonderful and bless day. Get up with the right attitude you can make it! It bothers me when I see people act this way . Like iv’e said before I know that everyday is different but at least try. The morning time it’s what you make it out to be .  🙂

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