Free when you hear the most beautiful melody

It makes your heart sink

Having to put the song on repeat

You don’t care who’s watching

You can’t stray away

It makes you feel like you can do anything

The bass makes your head move a little bit

Getting in tune with the music

Moving your feet because you can’t help it

Everywhere you go even in a store or something

The song sounds familiar so you rock to it

Music makes you happy so you act out

what’s being said because you feel it

Moving to every genre of music

Country to it’s so cool

The drums, saxophone and piano

Everything makes you feel unstoppable

The half note let’s play it 4 times

Playing the drums all night long

Play the piano while everyone sings a song

Picturing yourself on stage being introduce

Showing your talent and moves

Without music what would you do?

Copyright ©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved


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