Sprinkle the peace dust put that on me so I can twirl around smiling . A circle full of happiness just being free. A space of laughter and joy everything’s just fine calm and cool. That’s the zone a tone of sweet pure genuine voices all around,.Together on the same page the minds understand . An wont the same exact things peace silence everything’s so quiet. It’s a great environment living good nothings got you down. The mind is clear nothing is pulling you in so many directions . You got one path and its peace if you don’t won’t to be apart of it then you can’t talk to me . Sometimes it’s hard to have peace but you really have to. Learn how to it’s a way to have it how bad to you wont it? that’s still yet to be determined . Having peace comes from within your  spirit it’s always there. You have to figure it  out  go find it. Keep the joy even when it’s so much going on .Most of all peace is what really gets you through life . With out peace you will go crazy so relax find your peace because it helps to have it all the time . : )

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3 thoughts on “Peace

  1. There is a peace which passes all understanding and it comes from knowing we are set free from our sins. The Lord God will bless all those who obey the gospel of Christ. He will call them His children. They will have more than this world can ever offer, and it will last forever. May the Lord bless you, Eri, in this way.



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