The order an ways you see makes everything run so smoothly . Hard work dedication don’t slack just keep moving . Going out of your way it’s still not good enough.  Why put up with it? So you overlook the fact that day after day you tolerate. The persons smart mouth and actions so it leaves scars . It leaves damage it’s getting under skin but you hold back . Keep quiet having the mindset that you have take that. It’s just the way of the world everyone’s all about disrespect . Okay that’s true but you fight back don’t allow yourself to be hit with bricks . Nobody deserves to be treated like their less than .Anybody I don’t care who you or what position you have okay so. It’s only so much a person can take before they explode. Before they become a beast once before so nice and sweet . You change become brand new then the question comes up what happen to you? why do you act this way?  You look at them like really it’s because of people like you. Who try to talk like they have the right to disrespect you . No way you have the wrong person don’t tolerate things .You don’t like because you don’t have to. If you don’t like something walk up to the person let them know. If you tolerate so much what will you have left? Don’t tolerate just anything it will tear you apart.

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