Almost Up!

Swiftly yes it went by quickly November then December the year is closing in soon. We all will say good bye on to a new year 2016 will just be a memory. Towards the end you think about a New Years resolution . Simply how can you improve? what can you do better than before? This is always the process every single year some stick to it. Others just stray away but instead of the same old traditional way. Talking about what your going to change and what your going to do. Let’s just put it into action 2017 a year to make it happen!! An actual make a change God’s going to release so many blessings . I pray that the rest of this year will be great leading into the next. May God work on everyone’s behalf and do some outstanding things. Let’s speak it into existence Let’s prepare for what Gods going to do. If you receive and you truly believe it then say Amen

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8 thoughts on “Almost Up!

      1. I have another reader who likes to make goals a “mindset.” Once she decides to do something, she sets her mind and efforts on it until it gets done.

        Maybe we all should use this same kind of commitment exercise to learn more of the truth from God’s will…and then just do it!

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      2. Wow…I can’t add a thing to that except to say you are totally right! It is hard work though, so it requires a solid commitment to the goal…

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