Laugh its okay

Laugh get it out

Laugh if that makes you feel better

Go ahead let it take over

Laugh it only makes me stronger

Have yourself a good time

Laugh it will hurt you more than me

I will walk around still smiling

I got the victory

Laugh but watch blessings fall down on me

Laugh but I know my abilities

Laugh you can’t break me

You laugh behind my back then in my face

So how will you feel when people start laughing at you?

Laugh you don’t have to like what I do

I know I’m wonderful

So keep laughing get it out of your system

yeah go ahead giggle

I’m going to let God handle you

Just be mindful of what your laughing at

It will come back to get you

Hey you put this upon yourself

Your the one that caused it

Everything always come back

Full circle

Copyright ©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved


7 thoughts on “Laugh

  1. Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Mat. 5:10). A get point of view, Eri. People who refuse to be like all the others because of their religious commitment to the Lord are blessed by God when they are cursed by the world. And you are right, God will deal with such people. Good post, young lady…stay strong!

    Steve 🙂

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