O wonderful breeze

I stand right in the middle

Of the circle that its forming

I look straight ahead

At the mountains and trees

From what I see

It seems as if it would take

Forever to get to them

From where i’m standing

Its along distance

Then suddenly I realize who I serve

It made me think about something

God has the power

To bring what seems to be far away

He can bring it closer

So now when there is breeze

That means the blessing are coming closer to me

Soon the seasons will be changing

Copyright ©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved


10 thoughts on “Breeze

      • We have been in “the last days” since Christ…about 2,000 years. However, as we patiently await, the change to all things will come swiftly…in the blink of an eye. “Look, I make all things new again…” (Rev. 21:5).


      • Christ’s life here, death, burial, and resurrection marked the last “phase” of God’s plans for man as revealed in scripture. Now we spread the gospel of Christ with the talents God has given us and await Jesus’ return.

        Make sure you have obeyed Christ in baptism, because that’s how we are saved. Don’t be fooled by the teachings of man, Eri. Read (Romans 6:3-4) and see that we need to be baptized into His death to be raised into His life!


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