The Love of God

How can it be determined if you have the love of god in your heart?  Because it’s so many people that say they do. It’s so many but yet and still the actions don’t quite match up . If you serve God there are rules that I think many simply ignore. The love of God should be displayed according to who God is. If you have a deep love for God then there are certain things. You as a man or women of God can’t do your spirit will reject it because it won’t allow you to. God loves us all so you have the same love for other people. You might say well you can’t love everybody. Well if that’s the case maybe you should reevaluate your mindset. Because you shouldn’t hate them see when you live for God your set apart . Your own a mission to full fill  your purpose . To have a complete understand as to why your the person that you are is important.

Reasons as to why you can’t react the way others do .Even as being a human person you may have thoughts .To get on their level to get mad to but that pressure on your heart .That voice of God tells you its not even worth it at all.  Having your moment but God will keep youJust take a different approach walk away .Or tell the person that You know I can’t allow myself to yell or get upset .You have a nice day and leave it at that.

I was trying to figure out the reason as to why I can’t be like other people who get mad or they love to get revenge . I say what I need to say if I feel as though their saying something that I don’t like . But i can’t be rude and ugly with people I don’t feel right it’s not me . I don’t have a cold heart I’m genuine towards others. I feel like when you are this way it causes problems . Because honestly good people always get taking for granted . That’s why I had to learn to keep my distance and really analyze people .God gives me a strong intuition to determine if the person is real or fake.

The love of God has to live through you everyday this is how you know God is implanted in you. Frustrated and annoyed as to why I couldn’t Go off on people or when someone hurts me wouldn’t even say nothing back. But then I started to realize and see There was no need because God took care of it for me. So nothing was every wrong with me It was just the love of God directing my path in the ways that he won’t me to go . I live for God I don’t care who knows I won’t to please him and myself that’s what makes me happy. .There is great rewards in having deep love for God he will take you to wonderful levels in life that you could never imagine . So love God remember he always has your back. I could never in my life stray away God I thank you for everything. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “The Love of God

  1. Great thoughts with this post, Eri. Stand with God no matter what happens to you in life. Use His strength to withstand temptations. Don’t become involved with the evils of this world and the people who practice them. Belong to God and He will certainly have your back! Good job…

    Steve 🙂


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