It’s a set back but right now you can’t even see that. Over joyed now looking so far ahead but then time goes by. You look back it didn’t even make it to the point that you had in mind. So it’s like now your trying your best to stall putting it off. Thinking so hard trying to figure out how you can put it back together. Putting pieces to a puzzle that don’t even belong together. Day after day trying to convince yourself it’s going to work . No it’s not because somethings you place yourself into. An God doesn’t even want that for you the whole time there was clues.

It’s taking you back like man what will I do ? after all this time adjustments are trying to be made. Having to ask yourself what adjustments is there to even make? Just walk away but when your blinded by the moment you get stuck . Making a list of the things that you desire. But yet and still you sit because your so comfortable . Looking for validation your so blinded that you can’t even really get up enough guts .To get out of the situation all of these thoughts about if you make a move. what will be the result well it will be good for you obviously . Constantly searching for something your not going to get why stay in it?. You have all the reasons your not happy so what’s the problem ?

Why is this along drawn out process ? It’s for no reason on the other side of the door it’s a new world waiting for you to explore . New ways to advance an grow opportunity to flourish open your mind to a different side . But how will you ever get there if you can’t let the old mentality go. Leave it behind it’s no good for you . Don’t be blinded it’s no time for it you know what’s sent from God and what’s not . Always stressed exhausted a conflicting battle with people that are not trying to get to where your trying to go let them go . If your battling with things mentally you know what’s going on . Don’t be blinded and miss that you mess yourself up by what you think . Putting yourself on overload recognize what God is telling you understand the difference 🙂


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