Everyday the mind has to constantly think take everything into consideration. The thoughts of the outcome if you take this step what will happen next? . Figuring it out if it’s best to play it safe or take a chance. To the smallest up to the biggest decision it’s very important. Understanding the concept an what your getting yourself into. Analyze each thought very well to determine what’s the best option for you. Sometimes you have so many decision to make becoming overwhelmed . I feel as though at this moment it’s best to take a breather and calm down.  If you have so much that’s going on then Write down everything you have to do organize it. Don’t try to combine everything in your mind all together. Then go through the list step by step for each one ask yourself a few questions .


  1. What do I won’t to accomplish?
  2. If I make this decision will it help me or hurt me?
  3. How can I benefit from this choice ?
  4. Will this allow me to get ahead or push me back?
  5. Will I feel good about this?

These are the five main questions to ask yourself when you come to a tough decision . In the back of your mind there is always two thoughts. Most of the time the first choice is right. When the other one steps in the battle to choose becomes harder. Then coming right back to the first choice to resolve everything . Sometimes If your in such a big hurry to make a decision .It can definitely have a big affect on the outcome. For me personally if I’m unsure I will sit and pray and then It will come to me . Decisions are so important and I don’t think anyone would wont to make the wrong one .If their able make the right one so it really helps to talk it out take your time if you have it. If you don’t have as much time to think about .Then just really think about what’s going to help you the most.

Another factor in making a decision is that you can over think I’m sure someone has done this before. You already know what you wont to do but just because your thinking so hard . It results in making a decision that could have been way better. So don’t make things harder on yourself . I believe in you so now you know what to do. 🙂  Make it happen ! Hope you have a bless day!

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