Spirit Of Jealousy

There is something that I have been trying to figure out. Based off of hearing the conversations seeing this for myself. In addition to the face expressions that indicate how their feeling without even saying a word. Trying to understand the reason as to why people have such a jealous spirit?. The hurt and pain to see others around you prosper taking extreme measures. Trying so hard to jeopardize a person success or just being so jealous.  Of things that are so silly someone has longer hair or someone that can dance better. I mean sometimes I think to myself like are you serious come on. So where does jealousy come from?  There is four key factors as to why a person has a jealous spirit.

  1. Not comfortable-  Jealousy come from the lack of confidence deep down this person feels bitter because of the issues from within. So it allows them to be very unhappy for other people.
  2. Wont what they have- The person simply wont’s what others have so it cause a attitude to develop towards that person . When they haven’t done anything to you seeing what others have. Makes jealous people feel less of a person feeling as though their not important.
  3. Point of view – Always feeling the need to be heard to say something .When the focus is clearly not on them it doesn’t matter if its a group or if someone is just talking to them directly . Somehow the conversations gets direct back to them to feel like they have somethings to offer . When that’s been establish but it’s a problem when it keeps happening continuously .
  4. Attention- No one can shine it has to be this person center of attention all the time . I mean it’s great to get recognition for your accomplishments etc. But why make yourself the center of attention ? You should know your wonderful even if nobody tells you are


I see this all the time I think its crazy how the whole entire mood. Can change just because you see another person. Its intimidation to see another person that you think looks better than you . Or has things that you don’t have that’s just insane I don’t care how a person looks or how much money they have or they could have the biggest house you have ever seen . There is no reason to allow that to even effect you at all. You have to be confident with you are stuck with yourself so don’t spend your life being jealous . You will not prosper in life having jealousy in your heart.  If you have things that you won’t then you can have it to just like everyone else that you see. So be happy for others it’s the right thing to do . Don’t block your blessing God will bless you if you follow this one simple rule. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Spirit Of Jealousy

  1. This is so true. People can be so jealous of one another! They covet what others have, and that breaks the command of God…(Romans 13:9), and various other scriptures. We want things of this world when we should be striving for the things of Godliness! We would be better off just accepting what we have and working towards the attributes of our Lord…


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  2. So true! I fully agree with you, Ive always had problems with people being jealous one of another and to be honest I am not going to lie that the feeling of jealousy caught me few times, we are all humans but we should work on it ❤️

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    • Exactly! Absolutely we are human and being jealous is apart of it. But its just understanding that you are a wonderful person so you don’t have to feel that way. I really appreciate your comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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