Can’t Change

You can’t change nobody

That’s not willing to change

It wont change a thing

you can yell and scream

They will look at you

And say your so extreme

It’s hard to understand

The concepts of their mind

Trying again and again

Time after time

You think their crazy

Because you feel that

Your mind is right

Their the ones at fault

You can’t change nobody

Only God can

So just leave it in his hands

One day the change will be made

Unfortunately just not today

Copyright ©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved


5 thoughts on “Can’t Change

      • Eri, I should be thanking you for all of the support you give me here! I like reading your way of writing, it’s down to earth and straight forward. Way to go!!!

        Keep up the great work…

        Steve 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • This really just touched my heart I’m so glad that you enjoy the things that I say it’s straight from my heart. And God gives me what to say . I just won’t to help someone with my words and encourage people . That really means alot Steve !

        Liked by 1 person

      • That is going to happen somewhere along the line, Eri. This is the same reason I write…I want to say something that will touch someone in a profound way!

        I’m glad you have the heart you do…



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