It’s For Me

I feel it

I just know it

It has to happen

What I see for my life

It’s for a reason

It’s always on my mind

From the time I wake up and go to sleep

I find ways to improve

Constantly thinking about what I can do

New ways and strategies

Learning so I can reach my best potential

Each day I graduate to a different level

The passion that I have nothing can hold me back

I hold on to hope

I hold it close

It’s not about if others don’t believe in me

I believe in myself

What I see in my mind for my life

It’s to much for others to wrap their minds around

It’s so big so others expect me to think small

I can’t stop

I can’t quit

I have to make it

It’s more than just being ordinary

I’m extraordinary

That’s why my faith is strong

It makes me smile when I have hope

I know what God can do

I know that if it can happen for others

It can happen for me  to

I know in my heart

What I wont to do

so I will continue

So God will soon open up the door

For me I will walk right through

So I follow the passion and make sure it stay

May the dream come alive

I know its on it’s way

Copyright ©2016 Eri Talk All Rights Reserved


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