At times you can feel lost and it’s really like you don’t know what to do . Maybe it’s something that your not use to. Having to do something that you feel less comfortable because you feel your not able to. At the moment it makes you have so much fear in your mind it’s a big challenge . Any time it’s something new the mind is unable to focus the thoughts prevent you from moving. But you have to ask God to allow you to have the power to face it. Ask God to help your weakness build it so that you don’t have the tendency to fall . To elevate and strengthen your mind give you the right words to say . Allow the eyes to see clearly most importantly to see everything for what it really is. Without using your own human thoughts of mediocre . The ability to understand sometimes you won’t not all the time . Just to be equipt  with the power that you don’t have but only God can bring that out. It’s so necessary to build yourself up you would be surprised at what you can do. You walk even though you can’t see but just ask God to guide you with every step . Ask him to prepare you at the times when you feel weak. At the times when it’s just you and him .Just trust and know he hears you God wont let you fail . God is always on time so You shouldn’t have no doubt that he won’t  do the same now. Hope you have a bless day ! 🙂

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